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This was a good week with my cochlear implant. I didn’t switch programs like I was supposed to. Instead, I realized that I am an idiot that apparently cannot count and I’ve been ahead on my programs for 1 week since the second day of my activation. So I’ve been in program 4 for two weeks now. I’m out of programs until I go back to Jefferson for my 2nd mapping with new programs on the 21st. Oops! Program 4 is still challenging, but I’m getting a bit more used to it. In fact, I went to the movies this weekend and did awesome!

Larry was back from Florida this weekend. Actually he came back last weekend on Sunday afternoon, but due to work schedules this was the first I’ve been able to see him. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do this weekend. Here in NJ the temperatures have been in the single digits or very very low double digits all week so it was really too cold to do much of anything. We decided to just go with the classic dinner and a movie date.

Larry didn’t really know of anything he wanted to see, so he let me pick. I wanted to see Paddington Bear and the new Spongebob movie, (Yes, I am five years old at heart), but neither one is out yet. I have been hearing great things about Into the Woods and remembered seeing it as a play in high school (although I couldn’t hear it when I saw it — I really just went to support my drama club friends who were in it). So I chose to see that. (And I learned my boyfriend kind of hates musicals but will do practically anything to make me happy. He’s the best and I’m also very sorry for subjecting him to a 2 hour long musical!)

When we got their the inevitable question came up… “Do you need glasses?”


This picture was taken the weekend before my surgery. I was excited thinking it would probably be the last time I’d ever need the glasses. They were such a pain. Not only are they big and bulky, but they don’t always work. On this night the battery in my glasses needed to be re-charged, but the employee who gave it to me couldn’t comprehend that…I’m more than glad to be done with these!

I didn’t know how to answer it at first. I have been watching TV at home with the captions on still. I feel like I’m not quite ready to go without them. But caption glasses suck so much. They are bulky and annoying. Also, I have regular glasses that I cannot see without, my cochlear for my left ear, and a hearing aid on my right ear. That’s a lot of equipment to have on/around my ears. The caption glasses are very uncomfortable. And I was afraid of losing my cochlear. It’s very easy to knock my processor off of my ear especially when I wear my longer 10 hour battery (which is what I was wearing as Larry and I tend to have marathon dates that last 12 hours at a time…). Into the Woods was a movie we saw because we wanted to see a movie lol. Not something we’ve been dying to see or anything like that, so I decided to take my chances.

I heard pretty much every word.

It blew my mind. It’s been about 13 years since I’ve been able to see a movie in theaters without caption glasses and be able to still hear/understand it. Plus, it was a musical we saw. Music is usually much harder! But I did so so amazingly well with it. I understood all of the characters, their voices sounded natural, and I was easily able to follow along with the story sans glasses.

My boyfriend kind of hated it. He doesn’t like musicals much — it was way too much singing for him lol. But I really loved it. And it made me so excited for the future. I previously mentioned wanting to see a movie in the drive-in post-activation. And now that I know I should be able to hear it fine, I’m 100xs more excited for that. I actually just looked up the Delsea Drive-In to see when it reopens. It says it should reopen in Mid-March…just in time for Larry’s birthday. ;).

Next weekend I’ll have another new experience with my cochlear: my first concert! So long as we can still get the tickets, Larry and I will be attending a Danny Gokey concert at a church in Vineland. We’re both so excited to go to our 2nd concert together. Our first concert together was The Newsboys also at church, except this one was in Sewell, right down the street from me. That was a very special date for us as it was the moment I realized I not only loved him, but was in love with with him. However, music-wise I did so-so. I could hear the volume fine, but my clarity was pretty weak and I sometimes struggled to know which song they were performing. I can’t wait to hear Danny Gokey and see what a difference the cochlear makes! Stay tuned for an update on that sometime next weekend!